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Player Performance

Video Analysis

Video Analysis

Enhance your IQ and work directly with mentors on your understanding of the tactical nuances of the game. Whether watching and assessing your own game or being inspired to learn from other’s performance, the tactical analysis option of player performance mentoring is sure to take your understanding, knowledge and execution to the next level.

Individualized Training Plan

Individualized Training Plans

A training schedule developed and catered specifically to the athlete.  Finding a balance of academic, athletic, familial and social success can prove quite difficult, but develop a plan and learn the tools here to not only jumpstart your journey to success, but also aid in the critical steps of assessing progress and re-evaluation.

Mental Prep

Mental Preparation for Elite Performance

Ever wonder what it takes to perform at the highest of levels? K21 Sports Consulting can help mentor you by not merely reacting to critical moments, but proactively preparing and expanding the mental tools required for elite performance.

“Pressure is a privilege. It only comes to those who earn it.”

– Billie Jean King

College Pathway - Multi-directional sign

College Pathway

Need help with navigating the landscape of college recruiting?

From speaking with coaches, accessing general knowledge of the process,, navigating ID clinics and opportunities to be seen, and much more this aspect of the K21 Consulting mentoring is an educational partnership that works directly with players and families as their athlete moves into the recruiting age range for the collegiate game. 

Recruiting Help

Recruiting Help

Official Unofficial visits

Official and Unofficial Visits



ID Clinic

ID Clinics

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

– Arthur Ashe

Personal Development - head with gear icon

Personal Development & Advancement

A pro-active approach to personal development

At K21, we emphasize a pro-active approach to personal development and join with those who value growth, not only in athletic performance, but as well-rounded individuals of character, integrity and as ever-evolving leaders.

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Time management

Time Management

Character Development

Character Development

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